Realm Of Faeylon

Closed Species ARPG Group with 12+ different species created & owned by: FriendlyNeighborhoodGaymer/FNGaymer, RandomPurpleKitty, & Susivoi!

Bandana artwork by (c) FNGaymer
All other artwork by (c) RandomPurpleKitty

About R.O.F

R.O.F or ROF stands for Realm of Faeylon. This group is a closed species ARPG. For those who are unaware, ARPG means Art Roleplaying Game, and closed species are species that are not free to make; it means you must have an MYO [make your own] to make your own of said species. We make sure to give people as many opportunities as possible to get MYOs, and you can also buy them if you wish- we tried our best to make the prices as fair as possible! You can purchase them with the in-group currency [which you earn through events or by drawing other ROF characters] called Cloud Tokens, with dA Points, or with USD!We’ll have events nearly every month or two that will have event art prompts, as well as art prompts that will be doable at any time outside of event prompts. You won’t have to use your own ROF character if you do not have one, as you’ll be able to draw the NPCs &/or win your own ROF character through raffles, giveaways, events, and more!Looking for more information on the currently existing species in Faeylon? You can find that information here!

How to join

We have both a Discord Group & a! In order to join the CS, you need to join the discord group as of currently as we are processing currency, all purchases, design reviews, and more there! We also have a group, but keep in mind as of currently most of the group itself will be in discord, the group is more-so for storing, sharing, trading, gifting, & selling RoF characters! We however will be trying our best to keep the group updated with any announcements and updates! We’re hoping in the near future we will have a lorekeeper website!


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